Does your network serve your business, or your vendors?

Your network only exists to deliver the applications and services your business needs to win. Legacy network vendors will sell you another box to get there – for firewalls, load balancing, deep packet inspection, and tunnels – but the hardware-centric model their business is built on means more complexity, cost, and compromise for you. They make it hard to run new services and applications across diverse networks and within the hybrid cloud. They don’t support video-intensive workloads or properly connect today’s mobile workforce. And they expose businesses to increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminals and the high costs of downtime. That’s why we’re changing the way networks work – for good.

Take back control, by teaching your network the language of business.

The applications and services that support your business speak the language of sessions. At 128 Technology, we make routers Session Smart™ to better support the businesses they serve, turning the network itself into a service-centric fabric that’s more simple, agile, and secure for both enterprises and service providers to operate. Session Smart™ routers understand source, destination, and directionality of bi-directional flows, along with the requirements of named applications, service topology, and business policies. They use that information to plot waypoints through the network in real time, make orchestration fast and easy, and enable a “Zero Trust” security model that’s simply not possible in the hardware-centric world. The result? Better performance at a lower cost, for businesses large and small.

How can 128 Technology help you?


Strategic Capabilities

Reduce the complexity, risk, and cost of supporting the new applications and services your business needs, making SD-WAN, Virtual Edge, NAAS, and WAN/VPN refresh easier than ever.

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Multi-Cloud Fabric

Manage the flow of data and applications across data centers and cloud platforms, avoiding vendor lock-in while enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

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Network Security

Get game-changing control with a “Zero Trust” security model combining hop-by-hop authentication, robust encryption, and granular segmentation all built into the network itself.

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Want the whole story in about 6 minutes?

Hear it from our Founder & CEO, Andy Ory, explaining what we do and why it matters in this short presentation. Want to go deeper? Learn how we built Session Smart™ Routing on the back of the Secure Vector Routing standard in our How it Works Technical White Paper.

Learn What Session Smart Routing Can Do For You.

Our mission is to make the network smart enough to do everything your business needs to win. Whether you want to connect branch offices, take advantage of the hybrid cloud, or strengthen your security posture, we can help. We hope you’ll take a moment to learn a little about the people behind 128 Technology. Schedule a short call to learn more today.

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