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Making Networking for Microsoft Solutions Simple, Secure, and Reliable for Enterprises ​​

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Key Solution Offerings for Azure Cloud

128 Technology provides a unique software-based networking solution that isolates and prioritizes Microsoft 365 applications and Azure data workloads for optimized performance, lower costs, and massive scalability.

Azure Migrate

Lower Cost: Experience the Azure cloud cost savings sooner

Faster Migration to Azure: Migrate workloads faster to Azure

End to End Security: Single network security solution spanning on-premises to Azure

Microsoft 365 Branch Office

Unmatched Scalability: Scale to tens of thousands of branches with no tunneling or VPN

High Performance: Reduced  latency and bandwidth by isolating, dedicating, and prioritizing Microsoft 365 traffic

End to End Security: Simple, seamless remote access

Remote Work & Work From Home

High Performance: Best path, lowest latency for Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Teams

Flexibility: Microsoft 365 applications run locally or remotely depending on business needs and policies

Strong Security: Lightweight client for simple, seamless remote access


Visibility: Increased visibility and control into IoT traffic sent to Azure

High Performance: Prioritization of IoT workloads. Optimization of low bandwidth connectivity for an improved experience

Strong Security: Containerization and Isolation of IoT modules

Mobile Edge Computing

Reduced bandwidth: 5G LTE connectivity with no VPN to Azure.

Scalability: Connect edge nodes to branches with no VPN

Strong Security: Zero trust security framework through traffic/workload isolation and prioritization

Key Solutions Offerings O365

Office Productivity


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