Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

5G Wireline Transport Network Performance, Scalability and Reliability Demands

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Service and Topology Exchange Protocol (STEP)
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128 Technology Session Smart™ Networking

The 128T Session Smart Networking solution is an advanced, service-centric networking solution that takes software-defined routing to a new level. The solution eliminates the inherent inefficiencies and costs constraints of traditional routing products and legacy SD-WAN solutions, providing an adaptable, service-aware fabric that meets stringent 5G transport network scalability, performance, and resiliency requirements.
The 128T Session Smart Networking solution graphic

128T Session Smart Networking Outperforms Traditional Solutions

128T Session Smart Networking takes software-defined, distributed routing to the next level, satisfying demanding 5G performance, scalability, and resiliency requirements. A tunnel-free architecture, combined with intelligent service-based routing provides granular control over individual sessions, supporting network slicing with ultimate efficiency and economics.
128T Routers use a unique location-independent, waypoint-based routing approach that enables ultra-fast, persistent mobility. Waypoint addresses are independent of and distinct from UE IP addresses (which can change as users change locations). When a UE moves off one gNB/eNodeB and sends packets from another gNB/eNodeB, the receiving 128T Router automatically detects the UE and preserves the session. The 128 Technology approach avoids hair-pinning or complex signaling protocols, providing session continuity and high-speed mobility. (5G supports mobility speeds of 500 km/h, compared to 350 km/h for 4G.)
The 128 Technology solution automatically discovers MEC nodes and dynamically detects where services are located, using an innovative Service and Topology Exchange Protocol (STEP) that maintains global service, tenancy and policy information. STEP automatically propagates topology and service changes, obviating the need to manually update routers when MEC nodes are added, removed or reconfigured.
128T Session Smart Networking is designed to provide high availability and continuous connectivity. Active-active router configurations provide stateful failover in the event of equipment problems. And multipath session migration features ensure persistent connectivity in the event of link failures or network outages.

Five Reasons to Choose 128 Technology for 5G Transport

Our solution delivers an adaptable, service-aware fabric that provides high scalability, performance, and resiliency for 5G applications and services.

100% Software-Based Solution Eliminates Cost and Complexity

128 Technology’s solution is fully software-based for ultimate flexibility and economics. The software runs on any commercial off-the-shelf or white box server platform, including ruggedized platforms for harsh environments. 128T Session Smart Networking slashes cost and complexity, eliminating the middlebox and VNF sprawl that plague traditional networking solutions and legacy SD-WAN solutions. Unlike with a traditional service function chaining approach, the 128 Technology solution performs multiple logical network functions (e.g. MEC service chain instances) in a single VNF, significantly reducing CPU and memory requirements. As a result, the 128 Technology software can run on far less expensive servers than legacy SD-WAN solutions. Better still, the 128T Session Smart Networking solution supports zero-touch provisioning and single-pane-of-glass, remote management for simple deployment, administration, and maintenance.
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