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It has been an unprecedented few weeks for all of us during this COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that times like these can stir up a lot of uncertainty and challenges. We at 128 Technology, are committed to ensuring your network is flexible during these dynamic days, and stays running as the heartbeat of your company. [...]

How Do You Like Us Now?

By Dr Ritesh Mukerhee, Vice President of Product Management at 128 Technology

128 Technology is proud to announce the launch of its new brand! We loved our old one but it was time for our logo and brand to evolve. We still believe in the ethos we started with that routers should be session oriented, tunnel free, and cloud based. Nothing can deviate us from the path of getting networks ready for 5G. Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud. However, we felt our identity should represent that breakthrough that we constantly strive to achieve. The old signs that proclaimed Route 128 “America’s Technology Highway” are gone but far from forgotten. Route 128 has long been synonymous with technology innovation and scientific ingenuity. This is where Raytheon developed the microwave oven. Digital Equipment Corporation, Data General, Wang Laboratories, and others invented the minicomputer. Lotus introduced the world to modern spreadsheets. We continue to imbibe that spirit to drive the boundaries of technology innovation.

“Our new logo pays homage to the golden age of Route 128 and reminds us to push the
boundaries of knowledge.”

We are the only networking vendor in the industry that enables removal of tunnels, reduction of bandwidth usage, end-to-end networking, instantaneous failovers, and zero-trust security. Our solution provides unprecedented scale and performance. This allows enterprises and service providers to guarantee superior end-user experience. Fall is an exciting time in Massachusettes. The crispy air after the summer, leaves changing colors, and our favorite sweaters coming out energizes us to drive innovation to simplify customer networks. Our new brand colors capture the essence of fall in Massachusettes. It fills us with hope, optimism, and excitement. We continue to make features that simplify computer networks.

The imminent advent of 5G, virtual reality (VR), connected cars, IoT, and smart devices has moved us into the Experience Age. Consumers are now more informed and discriminating than ever before. Network deployments must mirror the adaptive and connected qualities of end users to succeed. Our new messaging focuses on the user experience. It is a constant reminder of why we continue to make innovative features. After five years we have more than a hundred talented employees, nearly two hundred satisfied customers, more than five thousand intelligent nodes deployed, and almost fifty patents. We still continue to be agile, innovative, and hopeful. It was time to take on a brand fitting this reality. We hope this new logo and brand will remind you of our pioneering technology and undying spirit. We will continue to challenge the boundaries of traditional networking with session-oriented routers. When you look at reinventing your digital future – look for us – the ones holding up the road sign, draped in fall colors, and ready to set your network free!


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