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It has been an unprecedented few weeks for all of us during this COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that times like these can stir up a lot of uncertainty and challenges. We at 128 Technology, are committed to ensuring your network is flexible during these dynamic days, and stays running as the heartbeat of your company.

As many companies are asking everyone to work from home, there can be challenges that stem from such changes. Is your network optimized to handle such heavy traffic from the increase of users? When you connect to a website, when you answer a phone call, when you transfer a file—data is routed via entire sessions, rather than individual packets. Our 128 Technology Session Smart Routers:

  • Eliminate tunnels and the limitations imposed by them on today’s VPN-based solutions
  • Extend beyond simple VPN toplogies across network boundaries and to remote locations
  • Enables the delivery of network functions including firewall, WAN optimization and application delivery.
  • Granular control needed to infuse zero-trust security and segmentation into the network itself.

Admist all the uncertainty and stress, staying connected has never been more vital. In the past, networking was about connecting nodes, sites, and routers to transmit packets of data. Today, networking is about connecting users with exceptional experiences. Your customers need experiences that are consistently high quality, easy to consume, secure, reliable, and available wherever and whenever they want them. Your digital future depends on your ability to do that and do it well.

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