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Andy Ory sold his last company, Acme Packet, to Oracle for $2.1 billion and soon after co-founded 128 Technology. 128 Technology is on a mission to fix the broken Internet. The Internet isn’t used for what it was originally designed for and that is putting a major strain on the networking infrastructure. 128 Technology provides greater network security delivered with a much simpler experience for a fraction of the usual cost.   In this episode, Andy talks about:   Why the Internet is broken and how it got that way   What he was able to take away from Acme Packet and apply to 128 Technology   How their secure vector routing and zero-trust security is disrupting the market   How he sees the Internet continuing to evolve.


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About the Startup Boston Podcast:
The Startup Boston Podcast takes you inside the world of Boston startups, featuring interviews with Boston-based entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers. During each episode, someone involved with Boston startups will share their experience, advice, thoughts, predictions, and challenges with listeners. No industry or topic is off-limits as guests share their first-hand experience. Guests range from Kickstarter successes, to angel investors and venture capitalists, to SaaS founders, to product team experts and beyond. I believe that each person has a story to tell and we each can learn something from the experiences of others. Whether you are a founder, work at a startup, are an investor, interested in joining a startup, or are just curious about startups, you will find something here for you. This podcast is an attempt to help share those stories.


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