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By Sara Castellanos

Burlington startup 128 Technology is so secretive that it doesn’t have much information listed on its company website yet.

Still, the company has raised a total of $32 million in investor funding in about a year, according to regulatory filings.


According to the company’s Dec. 8 filing, it most recently raised about $20 million in Series B equity funding from more than 80 investors. Listed as directors on the filing are the company’s co-founders and Bob Hower, general partner for Advanced Technology Ventures, presumably an investor.

Here’s what we know about the company so far:

The co-founders are big names. The startup’s co-founders are Andy Ory and Patrick MeLampy, previously co-founders of Bedford-based IP communication tech company Acme Packet, which was sold to Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) for about $2 billion in 2013.

It’s a software firm. According to its LinkedIn page: “128 Technology is a stealth-mode software company on a mission to fix the Internet. We are a group of technologists and entrepreneurs who enjoy tackling big problems and aren’t afraid to defy convention and raise some eyebrows. Our core team has a very successful track record of creating innovative network technology that delivers secure and reliable connectivity across global IP networks.”

The company is hiring. According to its LinkedIn Page: “We’re looking for smart, collaborative people with a dash of good-natured truculence to join our team. If you are interested in building disruptive technology, challenging yourself every day, and laughing a lot, 128 Technology might be the place for you.” About six open jobs are listed on the LinkedIn page, including product marketing engineer and software engineer jobs.

It has a big office. The company moved into a 26,706-square-foot office at 200 Wheeler Road in Burlington. “Burlington has become a center of gravity in the area for retail, restaurants and services,” said Ory in a previous statement. “Burlington has become, and continues to gain ground, as a place where either established tech companies, or companies that are about to ‘break out’ choose to locate.”

Sara Castellanos, Technology Editor at Boston Business Journal

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