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Case Study: Revation Systems

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Revation Systems is a leading provider of secure, encrypted, and compliant unified communications via its LinkLive solution. More than 300 customers across 20 states and three countries rely on Revation to secure their most important connections with customers, which include HD voice/video, web chat, SMS, email, and file transfers.


Revation’s healthcare and banking customers look to the company to provide first-class, managed connectivity services for many highly-regulated use cases. This includes physician-to-patient communications, customer contact centers, and communication-enabled websites and applications. Revation is committed to meet key healthcare regulations and requirements for protecting and securing sensitive private healthcare information, and has obtained the elite Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance CSF Certified Status.

“The scalable, flexible connectivity of 128T is simple to deploy and maintain. We can also take an OpEx approach by building the platform above our current network using our existing equipment.”
Perry Price
President and CEO, Revation Systems



The Software as a Service (SaaS) company realized that to provide the most reliable, secure service to the healthcare and banking industries – which are required to comply with HIPPA, NIST, ISO, PCI, and other strict regulatory guidelines – they needed to take a security-first design approach. They needed to create a secure, encrypted connectivity that optimizes delivery across multiple, diverse data centers, while also deploying service offerings that integrate with customer IT environments. MPLS, dedicated circuits, VPNs, and legacy connectivity options limit SaaS scaling and threaten to break Internet architectures. Legacy applications also limit encryption.


With the 128 Technology Networking Platform (128T), Revation can connect their customers directly to their data center. This ensures the customer experience is not disrupted and includes:

  • –End-to-end service level control
  • –Hypersegmentation
  • –Zero trust security and encryption
  • –Multi-path routing
  • –Real-time session failover


Revation’s LinkLive Connection Intelligence (LLCI) uses 128T to manage connectivity to their data center by encrypting and “session-izing” the data being sent by business partners and end customers. Using 128T, Revation offers a service level agreement (SLA) from their data center, across multiple carrier networks, all the way down to the customer edge – creating a virtual demarcation point at the customer premise. 128T provides differentiated quality of experience at a lower cost and allows LLCI to use multiple connection types – eliminating the need for MPLS. 128T also mimics Revation’s service-centric platform, reinforcing it can align with any business requirements and application needs. By leveraging 128T, Revation’s highly-regulated clients can provide:

  • High-quality experience with increased connection resiliency
  • Enhanced security with route authentication
  • Improved voice quality
  • Encryption of payload for legacy applications
  • Reporting metrics that demonstrate superior service delivery

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