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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1507052790484{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]By Monta Monaco Hernon

Providers looking to leverage broadband to offer wide area networking (WAN) solutions for business services have a variety of challenges associated with addressing private networks over the public infrastructure.

Guaranteeing quality of experience into the infrastructure is one, while security is another. An enterprise might be hesitant, for example, to provide an IP organization with all access through the firewall, said Andy Ory, CEO, 128 Technology.

By utilizing a software-based router that is session stateful, it is possible to use a single static address that is then dynamically reallocated to different data centers or service platforms within a data center without compromising security, Ory said. From a quality perspective, multiple connections can be leveraged simultaneously.

“One connection might not be performing well, but you can leverage multiple at the same time as if there is one virtual pipe,” Ory said.

128 recently announced the 128 Technology Solution Partner Program, by which companies can sell or support the 128 Networking Platform, which includes Secure Vector Routing.

“We are looking for those that share our vision for session-based software oriented routing. There is customer value that can be generated with … a more secure cost-effective networking solution,” said Brian Norris, VP of solution partners, 128 Technology.

The partner program could be useful to companies in three areas. The first is sales. Partners could simply be interested in selling 128T software to enterprises and service providers in exchange for licensing subscription fees.

The second is services and support, whereby partners would provide consulting, professional services, implementation and Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for end users. The third is the managed service provider.

“Lots of partners are looking at opportunities to go to a large enterprise and help solve problems that have been immutable, like rocks in a stream,” Ory said. “We make software, and we need folks that take our software and … create solutions.”

128 lists among the benefits to partnering with them, new revenue streams, reduction in network costs, and the ability to “parachute” in the technology, not rip and replace.

“(Companies) can use the existing infrastructure that is in place. We believe over time you will transform your network one use case at a time. A session stateful routed edge in the future of all networks,” Ory said. “Our mandate (however) is that realignment of IP networks (toward) becoming service-driven and agile has to use the existing infrastructure.”

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