How Andy Ory’s 128 Technology Will Fix the Internet With Smart Routers

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Interview with Andy Ory hosted by Neil Hughes, Tech Blog Writer Podcast

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I think we can all agree reluctantly or not that tech now dominates our lives. But, I recently discovered that there are some major structural issues with the internet that need fixing.

With IoT, 5G and cloud services ramping up, the Internet is being asked to do things it was never designed for and is getting closer to a breaking point. 128 Technology that was founded by a group of technologists and entrepreneurs that are on a mission to fix the Internet.

The stealthy startup is led by Andy Ory, the former co-founder, and CEO of Acme Packet, which was bought by Oracle for $2.1B. For those familiar with Acme Packet, this will sound like a natural evolution of Ory’s and his co-founders’ ideas.

Essentially, 128 Technology is re-thinking routing the critical enabler of Internet communications, but a technology segment that hasn’t seen real innovation since the 1990.


Neil Hughes is a tech columnist and podcaster. His work can be found on LinkedIn, Huffington Post, Inc. and The Next Web.

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