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Juniper Joins AWS Transit Gateway Connect

By Don Troshynski
January 7, 2021
Juniper Joins AWS Transit Gateway Connect

You may have seen some news lately about the launch of Amazon Web Services Transit Gateway Connect, a new ability that simplifies branch connectivity through native integration of SD-WAN network virtual appliances into AWS Transit Gateway, via Connect attachments.

As you may have guessed by the title of this blog, we here at Juniper are thrilled to share today that we’re supporting the launch of AWS Transit Gateway Connect on the Juniper Session Smart Router™ (SSR), giving our customers a simplified way to connect directly with AWS.

By working together with Juniper and AWS, customers can now take advantage of Transit Gateway Connect’s edge consolidation feature to extend their Juniper Session Smart Router™ directly to AWS without having to use IPsec VPN connections. Unlike traditional SD-WAN solutions, our tunnel-free architecture is less complex, uses less bandwidth and is less expensive to operate. Because of this, service providers can quickly provide breakthroughs in simplicity, security, performance and savings to their customer base.  Enterprises now have even more efficient solutions for resilient client-to-cloud connectivity.

Transit Gateway Connect supports simple automated provisioning, can be deployed with just a few clicks and enables customers to easily perform end-to-end deployment and management of their global network.  The combined solution provides complete visibility of client-to-cloud performance with a single analytics dashboard. It also eliminates the need to deploy using internet routable public IP addresses, which can be a security concern for companies in the financial services and government industries.

We often hear that teams are continuously looking for ways to strengthen their connection to, and management of, AWS. With our support of this program, we make it even easier for customers to utilize our innovative Session Smart Router technology to leverage AWS securely, reliably and efficiently. Those that take advantage of this pairing will soon realize faster cloud connectivity, more simplified route management, increased management operations and reduced operational costs.

Juniper is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and is available on AWS Marketplace. For more information on how well Juniper works with AWS deployments, please visit this link.

We’re excited about this partnership and ready to help customers take advantage of this powerful combination. If you’d like to know more, reach out and let us help you improve your networks for 2021.