Making Connectivity More Resilient is Critical for IoT

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By Erik Thoen

The importance of connectivity to enterprise IoT applications has increased as application data and computation has shifted toward the cloud. For these cloud IoT applications, architects need to ensure high-quality connectivity as part of the end-to-end design. Fortunately, a wide range of new session-oriented techniques are now available to improve resiliency.

Graph of the Importance of Connectivity in the Cloud

Connectivity Resilience

Session-oriented technologies can improve the quality of network connectivity from remote sites or IoT devices to the cloud. Typically, connected devices send data across the internet using standard protocols, creating a session with the remote server. In cases with a single network path to the cloud, session remediation techniques compensate for packet loss and jitter on the intervening network. Session optimization can improve aggregate bandwidth on a high-latency or high-loss path by compensating for protocol inefficiencies. Connectivity quality can be dramatically improved in scenarios where multiple paths are available from the IoT device to the cloud application. Real-time path monitoring techniques measure the quality of all paths on very short time scales, and then multipath routing techniques select the best possible path for a particular application. Once a path has been selected, if a session begins to experience a problem in terms of loss, latency or jitter, session migration can move the active session from one path to another without disrupting the end-to-end application. Together these technologies can make IoT applications resilient.

Network connectivity has become critically important in many transformative IoT applications. Compared to traditional, local applications, the move of IoT application data and computation to the private, public or hybrid cloud makes connectivity far more important to application performance. Recently, vendors have introduced several new technologies which can improve the quality of network connectivity, providing IoT application architects with a powerful tool to ensure digital transformation.

Erik Thoen is VP of Product Management at 128 Technology
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