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Networking Field Day Presentations 2019

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128T Networking Platform Overview

Networks today exist to deliver services and applications — the language of which is sessions. And unlike traditional WAN and legacy SD-WAN solutions, the 128T Networking Platform uses Secure Vector Routing to be session-aware and service-centric to meet these growing network demands. Watch this video to learn about all the benefits of using the 128T Networking Platform to build the session-oriented network of the future.


Service Centricity via the 128t networking platform

Video_ Service Centricity via the 128T Networking Platform Data Model

Users today consume data via services and applications. That’s exactly why the 128T Networking Platform was built on a service-oriented architecture with three fundamental building blocks: network layer, service layer, and policy layer.

Watch this video for a deep dive on the 128T Networking Platform data model and how it works to create a session-aware network.

Secure vector routing in the 128T newtorking platform

Video_ Secure Vector Routing in the 128T Networking Platform (1)

Secure Vector Routing (SVR) allows for native session detection in the 128T Networking Platform by enforcing a symmetric path between devices. It does this by including an encryption authentication block in the first packet of every session, and this is repeated for each segment along the session path.

Want a deep dive on SVR? Watch this video.

Why tunnel-free is better

Video Thumbnail

Video_ Why Tunnel Free is Better

Most SD-WAN solutions use some tunnel, encapsulation, overlay IPSec, and/or IPSec + VxLAN.

The 128T Networking Platform is an SD-WAN solution that operates without tunnels by using Secure Vector Routing. This allows for superior performance over low bandwidth links and proves 30% – 40% savings over IPSec and VxLAN based schemes.

Watch this video to learn why tunnel free is just better.


Video Thumbnail

Video_ Services & Topology Exchange Protocol in the 128T Networking Platform

The Services & Topology Exchange Protocol is being built in order to help 128T Routers within a network utilize the latest advancements in high speed data bases and share real-time network dynamics with each other. This high scale performance and automated exchange will allow for robust security and real-time decision making.

Watch this video to learn more about this upcoming feature in the 128T Networking Platform.


Video_ 128T Networking Platform & SD-WAN

The 128T Networking Platform provides an end-to-end architecture that supports multiple SD-WAN use cases and includes features such as multi-path routing, session migration and duplication, and integrated zero-touch deployments.

Watch this video to learn more about these SD-WAN features and how customers are using the 128T Networking Platform in SD-WAN deployments.


The 128T Networking Platform can be deployed in a number of cloud use cases, from multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and SaaS. Deploying the software-based 128T Networking Platform in the cloud also allows for a fully virtualized network, which provides features such as a homogeneous environment for enhanced security and reliability.

Watch this video to learn how customers are using the 128T Networking Platform in the cloud today.