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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Neil Hughes

Most of us will reluctantly agree that tech now dominates every aspect of lives. As we continue to add IoT devices, cloud services, and 5G to networks, maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised to hear there are major structural issues with the internet that need fixing.

The problem is that the internet of today is being asked to do things far beyond its original design. An inconvenient truth that the foundations of our always online connection is broken should be enough to capture our attention.

Declaring that the internet is broken is a pretty bold statement, but setting out on a mission to fix it will take someone quite unique. Step forward Andy Ory, the former co-founder, and CEO of Acme Packet, which was bought by Oracle for  $2.1B.

Ory rounded up a group of technologists and entrepreneurs to launch 128 Technology and announce to the world that this stealth startup will indeed fix the internet. Essentially, the plan is to completely re-think routing – the critical enabler of Internet communications, but a technology segment that hasn’t seen real innovation since the 1990s.

Our newsfeeds are now dominated with stories about regular data breaches and network outages grounding planes or putting a halt to stock trading on a disturbingly regular basis. If today’s networks were never designed to support our current demands and are already starting to creak under the strain, how will they cope with the challenges of tomorrow?

These are the problems that 128 Technology are aiming to deliver far greater security, control, and agility through its secure vector routing technology. Network routing that’s entirely based on software, rather than hardware has the potential to disrupt the big business of “middleboxes,” which have been traditionally designed to do the same thing for a much higher cost.

With the level of complex change required to how we do things, it’s easy to see why Ory believes that his new startup could be 20 times as big as Acme Packet. The startup has already raised $36 million and featured in the list of 17 Boston tech companies to watch in 2017.

“The least interesting thing we can do with our phones now is to make a call, and it will not be long until the least interesting thing you can do with your car will be driving it.”

Brad Rencher, EVP, and general manager of digital marketing at Abobe

Essentially, 128 Technology has been brave enough to completely rethink the infrastructure of the networking that most of us take for granted. In this digital age of hyper-change, there is an increasing realization that carrying on regardless with the old way of doing things just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

In the last few years, the mantra disrupt or be disrupted has been criminally overused. However, we are about to witness a digital revolution in networking that looks set to catch many of the tech behemoths napping. But, maybe it’s time to stop using the word disruption to describe a company that is delivering innovation and improvement in the name of progress.

Andy Ory, the Co-Founder & CEO of 128 Technology recently appeared on my podcast where he talked about his time at Acme Packet and his vision for the future of networking. Ultimately, this latest venture feels like a natural evolution of Ory’s and his co-founders’ ideas.


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