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128 Technology understands that for many companies, the network is a core part of their business – and in some cases, the network is their core business.

However, most networks haven’t been architected to handle the next generation of business requirements, and even the most recent advances in network technology still rely on a hardware-centric networking model. Networks have gradually become too complex, too fragile, and too expensive to deliver the required step function improvements in security, control and agility needed for cloud, mobile, and IoT applications.

We believe that networking can be more simple, agile and intuitive while providing advanced security, reliability, and performance capabilities.

128 Technology’s Session Smart™ Router is rooted in five basic principles:

IP networks should be session-aware Networks exist to deliver services and applications, the language of which is sessions.

Advanced network capabilities should not be standalone functions Network functions such as firewalls, load balancers, and WideArea Network (WAN) optimizers have some level of session-awareness, yet reside in multiple physical or virtual appliances that add to complexity. Imbuing session awareness and control into the routing layer enables the consolidation of these functions, and makes them native to the act of routing.

Routing must evolve to be application and service-centric The modern model for routing must evolve beyond simply IP addresses and cost-based forwarding to encompass the notions of service topologies and policy frameworks. Multi-tenant policy and control logic should exist within, not on top of, IP networks.

Overlay networks are not the answer Encapsulation or tunnel-based overlay networks such as MPLS, IPSec and VxLAN sit on top of IP networks in order to deliver deterministic routing, network virtualization and segmentation. These techniques create overhead, fragmentation, operational costs and scaling challenges – and limit the effectiveness of security and monitoring systems. Session-oriented networking offers a better alternative that stretches virtual networks end-to-end across network boundaries and domains.

Zero trust security must be everywhere Perimeter security models are no longer sufficient for today’s business demands. Next-level network security requires that no user, traffic source or connected network should be considered to be trusted. IP routing is no exception.

With these principles in mind, we’ve developed a new kind of networking platform that addresses a broad range of networking challenges, but is easy to implement alongside your existing network. We’re excited about this approach because it delivers outstanding benefits to enterprises, service providers and cloud services companies alike.

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