We help companies radically reinvent their digital future by setting their network free.


We are serial entrepreneurs, die-hard technologists, and principled pragmatists. But most of all, we’re purists—when there’s an important problem to solve, we do it right, or we don’t do it at all. We look like insiders but we think like outsiders. We bring three decades of experience and insights in digital and voice, and we’re applying it where the network needs it most-the router. We’re relentless in our commitment to creating a world where the network is no longer following changes in the computing environment—it’s leading.

help companies

Enterprises are navigating an ever-demanding computing environment and digital landscape that is always on, always available, always moving, and always changing. Whether we’re engaging a business leader, a network administrator, or a CXO, they’re equally overwhelmed with too many choices and too much jargon that claims to solve their problem today. What they really need—and what we truly deliver—is a network that sets them up for tomorrow.

radically reinvent their digital future

Whether they’re exploring cloud, hybrid cloud, 5G, or IOT, business leaders have one goal in mind–creating powerful digital experiences and offerings that drive top-line growth and bottom-line value. Whatever our starting point—an SD-WAN implementation, a router end-of-life, or an application they want to host in the Cloud, we start by solving their hardest problem first, and then we migrate them to a more enduring networking future.

by setting their network free.

We live in a 21st-century computing environment that is beholden to 20th-century network architecture reflected in decades of bad decisions and mountains of technical debt. Workarounds that consist of dumb pipes, countless middle-boxes, and entrenched hardware that is costly to purchase, inefficient to maintain, and highly vulnerable to human error. Computer networks are no longer at a tipping point—they’re at a breaking point. The world needs more than yet another temporary solution. It needs a radical redesign of the core network building block—the router—and that’s what we’ve done. We took our innovation down to the IP layer to solve for every connected session because when the underlay works, the overlay goes away—and so does the accumulation of technical debt.

With 30 patents issued or pending, we’ve built decades of workarounds directly into the router, and we’re just getting started.

It starts with sessions. 128 Technology’s Session Smart™ Technology approach puts session awareness and session state where it belongs, in the router.

Why?  Sessions are the language of applications and services.  Nearly every use of a network involves a unique, stateful exchange of information between endpoints known as a session. Session Smart Technology bridges the gap between networks and the application they exist to deliver. Our three-tiered approach that has at it’s foundation a revolutionary routing standard called Secure Vector Routing. Using that standard, we developed the Session Smart™ Router that is the core of our offering, a router that – once deployed across the network – enables a Service Centric Fabric with dramatic benefits in terms of simplicity, agility, security, performance and cost.

Secure Vector Routing

Secure Vector Routing (SVR) is a transformational routing architecture that enables the network to differentiate the way it delivers applications and services with unmatched simplicity, security and scalability. It replaces tunnel-based networks and is fully compatible and interoperable with existing network protocols.

Session Smart Routers

The 128T Session Smart Router is software-based router that delivers application visibility, control and security needed to deliver unsurpassed user experience. The software runs on a variety of compute platforms or white-box CPEs. It can be deployed in virtualized environments and hosted private clouds and public clouds including AWS, Azure, or Google.

Service-Centric Fabrics

Enterprises and Service Providers can deploy 128T Session Smart Routers together with the 128T Conductor to create end-to-end service-centric fabrics across any network infrastructure. Secure Vector Routing forms the network routing engine for service-centric fabrics that are tunnel-free, service aware, and multi-tenanted ubiquitous knowledge of service availability, topologies and policies.

At 128 Technology we believe that:


IP networks should be session-aware
It’s the best way to deliver the services and applications that truly improve business.


Advanced network capabilities should not be standalone functions
Firewalls, load balancers, and WAN optimizers need to be integrated into the routing layer.


Routing must evolve to be application-aware and service-centric
Service topologies, policy frameworks, and multi-tenant capabilities can make the network a catalyst for business transformation.


Overlay networks are not the answer
They create many of the overhead, fragmentation, cost, and scaling challenges that plague most networked environments.


Zero Trust Security must be everywhere
To prevent today’s pervasive cyber threats, no user, traffic source, or connected network should be considered above suspicion.

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