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Enterprises and service providers have very different networking needs. For enterprises, it’s all about building a network that can get on the same page as the business – and stay there even as requirements grow and change. For service providers, the network is the business – so speed to revenue and agility are key. The good news is that no matter what type of business yours is, our solutions can empower it to do more.


  • Experience the agility of a network that can stay perfectly in tune with the goals of the business
  • Transition your security strategy from a perimeter-based approach to a Zero Trust environment
  • Evolve to centralized management and orchestration, with granular security and performance controls
  • Enjoy the flexibility of license-based purchasing through MSP, reseller, or Telco channels

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  • Take advantage of the low TCO that comes with better bandwidth utilization, reduced expenditures on expensive circuits, better cloud economics, and improved operational efficiency
  • Get ready for the efficiency of zero-touch provisioning, which makes installation and service deployment faster and easier than ever before

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Telco/Service Provider

  • Satisfy your need for speed with a dramatically improved time to revenue when launching new services
  • Prepare for the simplicity of a software only solution that ensures easy integration into UC and SD-WAN services
  • Deploy network services at scale, with zero-touch provisioning that makes service activation a snap

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Managed Service Provider

  • Extend your customer SLAs with confidence, even across shared connections and diverse network segments
  • Differentiate your service offerings with ease, based on the power of session-orientated networking
  • Build high availability into your services, with fast failover to ensure that sessions are not disrupted when a network segment suffers a slowdown or outage

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Some customers we’ve empowered (so far):

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We empower businesses across a range of vertical markets


In the highly visible, ultra-competitive world of retail, security is paramount and every dollar matters. We understand – that’s why we’ve worked with retailers to help reduce their networking costs while keeping customer information safe as it travels to and from their many locations. To make it happen, we provide innovative network features such as:

  • Sub-second failover
  • Enhanced visibility and dynamic optimization
  • Integrated security and routing
  • Software-based SD-WAN
  • Global policy delivery and enforcement


Manufacturing is as much about improving output as it is about keeping production costs low. We can relate – that’s why we’ve helped manufacturing customers break network-based production bottlenecks while reducing network TCO and increasing service reliability in low bandwidth locations. To pull it off, we empower our manufacturing customers with innovative capabilities such as:

  • Zero-touch provisioning and installation
  • Orchestration and automation
  • Global policy delivery and enforcement
  • Multi-path routing with session failover


In healthcare, it’s just as critical to comply with industry regulations as it is to keep network performance high and costs low. We understand – that’s why we’ve worked with healthcare companies to deliver HIPAA-compliant services while improving bandwidth efficiency and increasing service uptime at their remote locations. To get it done, we harness advanced features such as:

  • Zero-touch provisioning and installation
  • Zero Trust Security
  • Hypersegmentation
  • Multi-path routing with session failover
  • Global policy delivery and enforcement


For financial institutions, protecting sensitive information as it travels to and from remote locations is critical, but so is keeping networking costs low. We get it – that’s why we’ve helped customers in the financial sector deploy highly secure, session-based networks that improve bandwidth efficiency and reduce equipment costs, too. To do it, we leverage innovative capabilities such as:

  • Zero Trust Security
  • Session Smart™ Routing
  • Hypersegmentation
  • Multi-path routing with session failover

“128 Technology has an absolutely unique perspective on next-gen services, one that rises above the traditional SD-WAN solution space to get at the real challenges of the cloud, mobility and personalized-session services. These are the areas where the real opportunity lies, and where SD-WAN can transform the whole networking industry.” – Tom Nolle, CIMI Corporation

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