Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

When Your Business Is Ready For A Smarter Approach To Networking, We’re Ready To Help

Session Smart for Small Business

To grow your business, you need to focus on your core strengths. The right network can help you do just that, creating new possibilities for your enterprise. 128T Session Smart™ routers empowers your network to empower you —driving innovation, supporting business processes, and realizing unlimited possibilities.

You’re a small business, but you’re growing. You deserve a network that grows with you, one that supports your business goals without you having to devote untold hours and dollars to maintain it. 128T Session Smart™ routers are designed to scale without any limitations on features, performance, and/or costs. So you can focus on what
you do best.

We Empower Businesses Across a Range of Vertical Markets

For enterprises, it’s all about building a network that can get on the same page as the business – and stay there even as requirements grow and change. The good news is that our solutions can empower it to do more.

Services for Financial Institutions

For financial institutions, protecting sensitive information as it travels to and from remote locations is critical, but so is keeping networking costs low. We get it – that’s why we’ve helped customers in the financial sector deploy highly secure, session-based networks that improve bandwidth efficiency and reduce equipment costs, too. To do it, we leverage innovative capabilities such as:

Healthcare Solutions

In healthcare, it’s just as critical to comply with industry regulations as it is to keep network performance high and costs low. We understand – that’s why we’ve worked with healthcare companies to deliver HIPAA-compliant services while improving bandwidth efficiency and increasing service uptime at their remote locations. To get it done, we harness advanced features such as:

Retail Solutions

In the highly visible, ultra-competitive world of retail, security is paramount and every dollar matters. We understand – that’s why we’ve worked with retailers to help reduce their networking costs while keeping customer information safe as it travels to and from their many locations. To make it happen, we provide innovative network features such as:

Rather than taking an incremental approach that didn’t scale with our data center, we decided to look at 128 Technology. The scalable, flexible connectivity of 128T is simple to deploy and maintain. We can also take an OpEx approach
by building the platform above our current network using out existing platform.

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