Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

Cloud-First Government Networks Accelerate Digital Transformation

Federal governments around the world are migrating IT infrastructure, applications, and services to the cloud to save taxpayer money, improve public services, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

Cloud initiatives help agencies reduce IT equipment costs and operations hassles, simplify procurement, and tightly align recurring expenses with evolving capacity and workload demands.
The 128T Session Smart Networking solution is an advanced networking solution that takes SD-WANs to a new level. Ideal for next-generation cloud-centric government networks, the solution provides fast and agile WAN connectivity with unmatched economics and simplicity. The 128 Technology solution eliminates the inherent inefficiencies and cost constraints of traditional networking products and legacy SD-WAN solutions and meets stringent government security, reliability, and performance requirements.
Solutions for Federal Government
The 128T Session Smart Networking solution helps the contain expenses and simplify operations by consolidating technology, centralizing management, and gaining detailed visibility into key performance metrics and troubleshooting data. The solution’s built-in network management capabilities let network administrators efficiently monitor end-to-end sessions, and isolate and resolve issues. The 128 Technology solution supports industry-standard performance monitoring APIs so the organization is able to leverage its existing monitoring platform without making any expensive customizations.