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Flexible Service Edge – 128 Technology

Maximize Revenues with Minimal Disruption: A Seamless Path Up the Value Chain

Service providers face an increasingly competitive landscape, with new entrants and new technologies raising the expectations for end users. They now expect cloud economics, agility, and flexibility in every service they consume. The service providers’ challenge is how to differentiate, provide excellent customer service, and grow revenues while managing costs. Connectivity services may be enough today, but to retain customers and expand market share, service providers must provide even more value. Cost considerations loom large: Service providers need to maintain, or better yet, grow margins to improve their competitive positioning. Service providers need a platform that can deliver value from day one, and enable new services in the future.

The Flexible Services Edge provides a unified edge platform that supports a range of services, from connectivity to managed router to full-featured SD-WAN. Service providers can seamlessly upgrade from one service to another with only a change in licensing—meaning they only pay for what they need at the moment and disruption is kept to a minimum.

Flexible Service Edge: Foundational Platform for Service Innovation and Growth

Establish a footprint providing connectivity with a Layer 3 NID

The Flexible Service Edge Solution can function as an intelligent Layer 3 Network Interface Device (NID) to enable or improve internet access, cloud connectivity or VPN services. The FSE gives service providers maximum flexibility and extensibility by supporting multiple access methods, including internet, Carrier Ethernet and 4G/LTE.  It provides detailed visibility into application-level usage and performance data so service providers can monitor service quality and streamline diagnostics to provide a superior customer experience.

Leverage analytics to upsell to Managed Router Service

Because service providers now understand the attributes that impact service quality at the application level, they can more clearly demonstrate to customers when they should upgrade to a more robust service such as Managed Router. With the FSE, service providers can easily configure, monitor and control routing for their customers. Because moving up the value chain to managed router requires only a license change but no new hardware, service providers can quickly begin delivering high-margin services with minimal disruption.

Transform into a strategic business partner with high-value services using Session Smart Routing

When ready, service providers can upgrade their FSE to unleash the full-functionality of the Session Smart Router (SSR) including intelligent application-centric routing and advanced security and policy management. The service provider can now deliver high-value services like managed SD-WAN, IoT and multi-service edge compute (MEC) and establish itself as a strategic partner enabling its customers’ digital transformation journey.

Five Reasons to Choose 128 Technology for Flexible Service Edge

Our solution delivers an adaptable, service-aware fabric that provides high scalability, performance, and resiliency for Flexible Service Edge.