Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

Meet Stringent IoT Performance, Security and Availability Demands

128 Technology with IoT

128T Session Smart Networking takes software-defined, distributed routing to the next level, satisfying demanding IoT performance, resiliency, and security requirements. A tunnel-free architecture, combined with intelligent service-based routing provides end-to-end visibility and granular control over individual IoT dataflows, enabling application-specific SLAs with ultimate efficiency.

128T Session Smart Networking Outperforms Traditional Solutions

128T Session Smart Networking provides high performance, security, and resiliency for any IoT implementation while avoiding the cost and complexity of traditional WAN and SD-WAN solutions.
The Session Smart Router supports a variety of session optimization and intelligent routing features to ensure high performance and service quality for diverse IoT dataflows. Fine-grained QoS controls let network administrators efficiently shape and prioritize traffic to enforce different SLAs for different IoT data streams.
The 128 Technology solution protects IoT systems against data leakage and malicious attacks. Inherent security capabilities include deny-all (zero trusts) routing, Layer 3/4 DoS/DDoS protection, payload encryption, and NAT and VPN functionality.
128T Session Smart Networking is designed to provide continuous connectivity without requiring expensive hot-standby tunnels like conventional WAN or SD-WAN solutions. In the event of a link failure or network outage, the 128 Technology solution seamlessly redirects traffic over an alternative path without disrupting sessions or impairing application performance.

128 Technology Session Smart™ Networking

The 128T Session Smart Networking solution is an advanced, service-centric networking solution that eliminates the inherent inefficiencies and cost constraints of traditional WAN and legacy SD-WAN offerings. Ideal for massively distributed IoT systems, the session-oriented software solution provides fast, secure, and reliable WAN connectivity with breakthrough economics and simplicity.
128 Technology Session Smart™ Networking Graphic

128 Technology Session Smart Networking for the Internet of Things

Our network removes inefficiencies and costs constraints so an organization can roll out large-scale IoT networks without breaking the budget.