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Service Provider

128 Technology’s Session Smart Router turbo charges revenue and service agility while reducing complexity and costs for service providers.

With MPLS revenues and margins on the decline and a sea of overlay-based SD-WAN providers failing to get the job done, it’s time for something different in managed WAN services. That’s one more reason we created Session Smart SD-WAN. With a service-centric approach that brings simplicity, security, and agility to the WAN, we can help managed service providers deliver better application performance, greater reliability, and tighter security to their enterprise customers than overlay-based solutions—all while helping them get to market faster and more cost-effectively than they ever thought possible. How cool is that?

Service Provider Solutions

Want to know why our Session Smart Routing solution is so well suited for Telcos and MSPs? It all begins with our service-centric fabric, which extends anywhere our Session Smart Routers are deployed – and everywhere your enterprise customers need it. Our solution is tunnel-free, service-aware, and multi-tenanted – with Zero Trust Security that’s baked right in. So it provides a perfect platform to help you offer differentiated services, and manage them at scale. Check it out.
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Telco/Service Provider
Managed Service Provider

“A significant barrier that enterprises face when adopting the cloud is the network itself. Redvine’s partnership with 128 Technology will help remove barriers so that the network, can perform as the business requires. A key benefit of the 128T Networking Platform is that it does not have complexities around legacy products, which gives our customers flexibility to deploy different, specific combinations for each customer.”

Binesh George, CEO of Redvine

Great things happen when provider delivered solutions get Session Smart

Accelerate your revenue and service agility while reducing complexity and costs with Session Smart SD-WAN

Improve application performance and reliability with service visibility and bandwidth capabilities your customers will love


Simplify service delivery, achieve new levels of automation and scale, and compete more effectively than ever before

Meet today’s requirements for business agility and mobility in a way that yesterday’s complex and brittle networks never could
Improve your customers’ security posture while reducing management costs and making compliance simple and repeatable
Get freedom from legacy hardware-centric solutions and gain the competitive advantage with 128 Technology’s secure, experience based fabric.
Application aware routing
Eliminate inefficient overlays and unlock an average of 30-50% more usable capacity for your customers’ bandwidth-hungry applications. That means more revenue for you—and better satisfaction for them.
Zero Trust Security must be everywhere
Differentiate your service with baked-in security that eliminates the vulnerabilities and hassles of perimeter firewalls. Now you can offer a better security posture for your customers—and policy configurations that are more agile than ever.
Zero Trust Security must be everywhere
Say goodbye to clunky overlays and vendor sprawl, and hello to centralized management, simplified orchestration, and time-saving automation. When you do, you’ll see better margins—and a network as agile and scalable as your business demands
Zero Trust Security must be everywhere
Achieve fine-grained service visibility, greater control, and higher reliability when you deploy the industry’s only session-stateful router. The result is a competitive advantage you can measure in service quality, uptime—and customer satisfaction.
Zero Trust Security must be everywhere
Evolve quickly with a network that can enhance hybrid or multi-cloud environments, improve cloud security, support IoT environments, or serve as a data center interconnect. It deploys seamlessly alongside your current infrastructure—and grows with your business.