Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

Stronger security begins with smarter routers

Overcomes deficiencies

Our Session Smart Router overcomes the deficiencies of perimeter-based security by providing native firewall, intrusion detection and prevention (IDP), traffic engineering, DOS/DDOS management, and access control—all at the individual session level. Global policy definitions allow for consistent security and segmentation of traffic across networks, eliminating the need for different context-specific ACLs.

How 128 Technology infuses security into the network

At 128 Technology, we’re not interested in network security that’s painted on or relegated to the perimeter. We believe security should be baked into the routing fabric itself, which can help you mount a simple, affordable, and distributed defense that’s highly effective against today’s toughest threats. To do it, we use the principle of “deny-by-default” in our routing, which includes hop-by-hop authentication and dynamic encryption of data-in-motion. That means network security that’s way more granular and flexible than ever before, a simpler way to centrally orchestrate segmentation and manage policy across distributed environments, and a lower risk of security breaches and compliance penalties.
Network Security Diagram

Zero Trust Security That’s Part of Your Network’s DNA.

When your network is powered by 128 Technology, strong security is a whole lot easier to manage. That’s because we’ve designed our networking solutions around a routing fabric that is inherently secure, and several innovations that make it simple and seamless to protect your most valuable networked assets.
Zero Trust Security must be everywhere


Guarantee only authorized flows travel across your network and simplify how traffic is classified, segmented, and secured – with hop-by-hop session authentication and dynamic encryption of data-in-motion.

Security Policy Management


Integrate seamlessly with orchestration and automation tools, while harnessing analytics and service monitoring platforms to proactively improve network-wide performance and reliability.

Hypersegmentation Icon


Reduce the risk of security breaches and compliance penalties – with granular, scalable segmentation and centralized orchestration across distributed environments.



Make it easy to connect and secure every remote location – with fabric-wide intelligence, advanced waypoint steering, and the power of Session Smart Routing.

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Reduce your risk

Reduce your risk of cyber attacks and data breaches while lowering total cost of ownership with a routing fabric based on Zero Trust and a simplified security architecture.

Speed up deployment

Slash operating costs and speed up deployment of new services with automated security policy management that’s simple and scalable across thousands of sites.

Simplify the Process

Simplify the process

Simplify the process of securing your applications with a flexible, granular approach to deep segmentation that’s network agnostic and service centric.

Network security is ready for a re-boot

With external and internal cyber threats on the rise, network security is becoming serious business for organizations in virtually every industry and region. That’s why it’s important to fortify your defenses with advanced Zero Trust Security programs designed to limit access to company data and resources to only those who need it. The problem is, today’s networks just aren’t up to the task. They don’t provide the segmentation, flexibility, or granularity needed to launch Zero Trust – and they leave businesses with painted on, perimeter-only security models that are loaded with vulnerabilities.

Get up to Speed on Zero Trust Security

Are you ready to learn more about how 128 Technology can help set your business up for Zero Trust Security? In our solution brief, you’ll find out how hop-by-hop authentication, selective encryption, and granular segmentation all add up to a better security posture that’s easy to manage – and provides all the control you need, too.