Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

Next-Generation Oil and Gas Networks Accelerate Digital Transformation

Oil and Gas corporations are under intense pressure to improve operational efficiencies, cut costs, and increase investment returns in today’s hypercompetitive business climate.

Extreme market volatility, eroding profit margins and an evolving geopolitical landscape are forcing energy companies to modernize exploration and production (E&P) systems and rethink business practices. Innovative oil and gas producers are turning to a new generation of digital solutions and connected systems to optimize operations, improve business performance, and reduce risk.
The 128T Session Smart Networking solution is an advanced networking solution that takes software-defined routing to a new level. Ideal for next-generation oil and gas networks, the solution provides fast, secure, and reliable connectivity with unmatched economics and simplicity. The 128 Technology solution eliminates the inherent inefficiencies and cost constraints of traditional routing products and legacy SD-WAN solutions and meets stringent industrial IoT network performance, security, and availability requirements.

128T Networking Platform – What it is and why it’s better with 128 Technology

International Energy Services Provider Uses 128 Technology To Power Its Digital Oilfield Networks

“A global oil and gas services provider turned to 128 Technology to improve the performance, reliability, and economics of its energy exploration and production data networks. The 128T Session Smart Networking solution eliminates the overhead of conventional routing solutions, providing efficient, secure, and resilient network connectivity to remote oilfield and gas well sites, even over lower-quality satellite and 4G LTE connections” Check it out.

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