Our Approach

It starts with sessions. 128 Technology’s Session Smart™ Technology approach puts session awareness and session state where it belongs, in the router.  Why?  Sessions are the language of applications and services.  Nearly every use of a network involves a unique, stateful exchange of information between endpoints known as a session. Session Smart Technology bridges the gap between networks and the application they exist to deliver. Our three-tiered approach that has at it’s foundation a revolutionary routing standard called Secure Vector Routing. Using that standard, we developed the Session Smart™ Router that is the core of our offering, a router that – once deployed across the network – enables a Service Centric Fabric with dramatic benefits in terms of simplicity, agility, security, performance and cost.


Secure Vector Routing

Networks exist to connect users to services and applications, and network design should start with those services at the core. Secure Vector Routing (SVR) is a transformational new routing architecture that enables the network to differentiate the way it delivers applications and services with unmatched simplicity, security and scalability.  It replaces tunnel-based network overlays and cumbersome provisioning systems with distributed control, simple intelligent service-based routing and in-band (data plane) session-based signaling. SVR is fully compatible and interoperable with existing network protocols and architectures and can be gradually introduced into an existing IP network without affecting the network endpoints or hosts.


Session Smart Routers

The 128T Session Smart Router is a 100% software-based, distributed router based on 128 Technology’s innovative Session Smart Technology and Secure Vector Routing(SVR).  Session Smart Routers are service-centric at the core delivering the application visibility, control and security needed to bridge the gap between your business needs and what your network can do. 128T Session Smart Routers simplify your network, integrating middle-box capabilities including security, firewall, VPN and load balancing natively with routing. The software runs on your choice of compute platforms or white-box CPE and can be virtualized and hosted in private clouds and public clouds including AWS, Azure, or Google. The Session Smart Router is a component of the 128T Networking Platform and together with the 128T Conductor, enables enterprises and service providers to build service-centric fabrics that deliver breakthroughs in simplicity, agility, security, performance and savings.


Service-Centric Fabrics

Enterprises and Service Providers deploy 128T Session Smart Routers together with the 128T Conductor to create end-to-end service-centric fabrics seamlessly across any network infrastructure. 128T Service-centric fabrics offers a single networking solution for multiple use-cases in a number of areas including:

  • Strategic Capabilities: SD-WAN, Virtual Edge, NaaS and WAN refresh
  • Multi-cloud Fabric and Datacenter Interconnect
  • Network Security: Zero-trust networking, Secure Branch/Edge

128T service-centric fabrics stretch to anywhere 128T Session Smart Routers are deployed, at the branch, in the data center, co-location facility, the public cloud, wherever. Secure Vector Routing forms the network routing engine for service-centric fabrics and as such they are tunnel-free, natively service aware, multi-tenanted and maintain a ubiquitous knowledge of service availability, topology and policies. 128T service-centric fabric is built from the ground up on the principles of zero-trust networking meaning that network security is no longer painted onto the perimeter of the network but is rather baked into the network fabric itself.  128T service-centric fabrics are centrally managed and orchestrated by the 128T conductor with a central pane of glass application and network visibility, robust analytics, automated policy provisioning and zero-touch deployments.  128T service-centric fabrics are open and programmable through northbound RESTful and Netconf APIs.

Enterprises and Service Providers can achieve the following benefits with 128T service-centric fabrics:

  • Simplicity – No tunnels, no overlays, no more hardware centric networking.
  • Agility – Faster deployment, application resiliency, better responsiveness,
  • Security – Zero Trust model: Deny-all Routing + Authentication + Encryption + Segmentation
  • Performance – Less overhead, more scalability, dynamic optimization
  • Savings – Reduce bandwidth & connectivity costs, third-party point tools, CapEx, OpEx
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