Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

128 Technology with Amazon Web Services

Your network and your cloud –
working together for you

Enterprises are leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) more and more to create new applications and provide a flexible infrastructure for existing workloads. While deploying in the cloud enables business to scale as needed, collaborate more efficiently, and accelerate time to market, it also brings about new challenges and considerations, including:

AWS Deployments

The 128T Networking Platform provides compelling benefits for AWS deployments, whether deployed directly by the enterprise, leveraged by a system integrator in a best-of-breed solution, or incorporated by a service provider into a managed offering.

The 128T Networking Platform further extends the benefits of AWS

An integral component to the 128T Networking Platform is the Session Smart™ Router – software that’s deployed throughout the network, in the AWS public cloud, corporate data centers, and remote sites. The routers create a service-centric fabric that produces a number of benefits, particularly for AWS deployments:
Data protection
Consistent policies that encrypt data, either by default or adaptively, on a per-application basis that can be set across all locations, both in and out of AWS
Global security
Hypersegmentation is enabled through global access policies, and the platform is based on a Zero Trust Security model that uses the “deny by default” principle for all networking without explicit provisioning
Reliable connectivity
Sophisticated multi-path routing with continuous monitoring ensures highly resilient access to cloud resources from any location
Unified management
A single-pane of glass for management, monitoring, and automation of routers scattered across a hybrid infrastructure
Reduced costs
Secure Vector Routing reduces the overhead associated with bandwidth charges, thereby reducing costs
AWS Cloud


Businesses must secure their infrastructure and applications both in and out of AWS to ensure that their data is protected, regardless of location.


When using the cloud, organizations give up some level of control, yet reliable access to data and applications remains critical.


After distributing IT resources across locations, management complexity grows, which tends to increase costs and create inefficiencies.
But these issues can be resolved. That’s why 128 Technology provides solutions developed specifically for businesses to be able to leverage the cloud securely, reliably, and efficiently.