128 Technology with Azure

Your Network and Your Cloud -

Working Together For You

128 Technology was founded on the philosophy that your network and your cloud platforms should work together so your business can move faster and keep pace with your customers. To make it happen, we’ve worked closely with Microsoft to automate and scale our networking platform with the power of Azure Virtual WAN. This powerful combination enables the 128T Session Smart™ Router to better understand what your business needs, and ensure your network supports it. By automating Azure Virtual WAN access, you can enjoy seamless integration between your cloud tenants and services for tighter alignment with mission-critical applications, and stronger support for the people that use them.

Context-Aware Segmentation Without Limits

With 128 Technology and Azure Virtual WAN, network segmentation knows no boundaries. Using our Secure Vector Routing technology, your connections to and through the Azure cloud are smart, seamless, and secure. Unlike traditional zone-based network segmentation, hypersegmentation is based on sessions, services, and tenants – and assigning business policy is as easy as jotting down some notes.
Create a smarter network

128 Technology has leveraged Azure APIs within our extensible routing framework to connect any site to any Azure Hub – anywhere across the globe. Provisioning is as simple as granting API access and adding your 128 Technology WAN links to the Azure Virtual WAN neighborhood through your global conductor and name a vector to your Azure virtual hub. It’s that easy. As existing sites are updated with the Azure neighborhood, or new sites are added using an Azure-enabled template, site-to-site and site-to-cloud access is automatically provisioned across the network fabric for seamless, secure integration that’s transparent to end users.

Business-driven capabilities

The 128 Technology Networking Platform was developed from the ground up with your business in mind, providing the following capabilities:

Business-driven capabilities