128T Networking Platform

The 128T Networking Platform is a software-based, distributed routing and network services solution.  The 128T Networking Platform uses Secure Vector Routing to simplify network architectures and provide fine-grained, end-to-end control and visibility.  128T runs on general-purpose compute and allows a wide range of deployment models - from remote branch offices to high-capacity network edges to hyper-scale data centers.  The platform enables greater security and agility by distributing intelligence throughout the network - without disrupting your existing network infrastructure.




The 128T Networking Platform enables delivery of applications and services across multiple networks – including address domains, security zones, firewalls, and private-public boundaries.  Our ability to federate and segment services, tenancy, and policy information allows the creation of true end-to-end network services – without the need for complex “stitching” techniques or overwrought orchestration schemes.  The result?  Greater simplicity, more flexible deployments, and a significantly expanded service reach.


Virtual Networking without the Overlay

Overlay networks – MPLS, IPsec, VxLAN, GRE, and others – were created to deliver deterministic routing, network virtualization and segmentation to stateless IP networks.  They also create significant complexity, overhead, fragmentation issues, scaling challenges and increase operational costs.  The 128T Networking Platform eliminates the complexity of overlays, tunnels, and out-of-band routing protocols with a far-simpler, more effective model based on in-band signaling, native security, a federated services control plane, and multi-tenant policy management.

Zero Trust Security Everywhere

It is clear that network security needs to move to a zero trust model, where no user, traffic source or connected network gets a free pass.  The 128T Networking Platform infuses zero trust throughout the network by using adaptive encryption, hop-by-hop authentication and access control, firewall and denial-of-service protection at every node, and the automation of service-centric security policies.  128 Technology’s zero trust model not only means improved security, but more transparency and easier network operations.

Chand Baori, India


Session-oriented networks open the door for the consolidation of stand-alone network services by making them inherent routing capabilities.  Rather than “bolting-on” or “integrating” functions such as firewalls, load balancers and WAN optimizers as independent modules, the 128T platform performs these services natively as part of its routing paradigm. This results in more simple, flexible and cost effective deployments.