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Introducing the 128T Networking Platform: Smart, secure routing that does exactly what your business needs

The 128T Networking Platform takes distributed, software-defined routing to an entirely new level. This innovative networking solution enables enterprises and service providers to build service-centric fabrics that deliver breakthroughs in simplicity, security, performance, and savings. And most importantly, it creates a networking environment that delivers the agility businesses need to move with their customers and outpace their competitors.

A smarter architecture: Our routing platform is built from the ground up to improve your network – and your business

The 128T Networking Platform supports a wide range of applications and use cases, spanning the branch office, data center, and public cloud with the industry’s only routing technology that’s truly software-defined. This innovative architecture creates countless opportunities to extend the value of your network, enabling zero-touch provisioning, improving DevOps automation, and instilling Zero Trust security – end-to-end.

Product Components

Our platform is comprised of two primary components: the 128T Session Smart Router and the 128T Conductor. Together, they form a single logical control plane that is highly distributed, and a data plane that is truly session-aware. The 128T Networking Platform supports a wide range of deployment models scaling from a small branch office to a high capacity edge router to a hyper-scale software-defined data center.

128T Session Smart Router

The 128T Session Smart Router combines a service-centric control plane and a session-aware data plane to offer all IP routing tables, feature-rich policy management, advanced data collection, and analytics in addition to high-speed packet forwarding, classification, and security functions.

128T Conductor

The 128T Conductor is a centralized management and policy engine that provides orchestration, administration, zero-touch provisioning, monitoring, and analytics for distributed 128T Session Smart Routers – while maintaining a network-wide, multi-tenant service, and policy data model.

Product Capabilities

Just how capable is the 128T Networking Platform? Quite capable, actually. Our solution delivers better efficiency, security, performance, and simplicity than any other routing platform on the market today.


With our platform, you can connect applications to users consistently and apply performance and security metrics to them on a granular basis. We also offer centralized and automated administration and management, highly intelligent visibility and analytics, and REST and NETCONF API integration.

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We can help you modernize network security with a deny by default architecture and deny all, whitelist based routing. Our platform puts you in control of session directionality, while offering fine-grained segmentation, native session stateful firewall functions, and encryption of all data in motion.

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Get ready to optimize network utilization and service delivery with the power of session orientation. Our platform offers dynamic multi-path routing and session steering, application and service classification, and native application delivery functions including dynamic load balancing and WAN optimization.

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The 128T Networking Platform can help you maintain connectivity during planned and unplanned downtime. How? With advanced features such as active-active router clustering, sub-second session aware fast-failover, and dynamic session steering based on network state and QoS. That’s how.

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Use Cases

Your network exists to help your business do more. That’s why we’ve created a networking platform that’s been built from the ground up to connect your locations more efficiently, to improve the performance of your applications, to support advanced cloud and hybrid architectures – and to do it all more securely than ever before.

Strategic Capabilities

It’s about to get a whole lot easier to deploy the advanced capabilities you’ve always wanted. That means initiatives such as SD-WAN, Virtual Edge, and NaaS are about to get real.

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Multi-Cloud Fabric

We’re now living in a multi-cloud world, and it’s time for a network that supports it. We can help you embrace hybrid and multi-cloud strategies quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

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Network Security

Is it just us, or have cyber attacks really been picking up lately? When your network is powered by 128 Technology, security is baked in, not painted on, and Zero Trust Security is the new norm.

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“128 Technology has an absolutely unique perspective on next-gen services, one that rises above the traditional SD-WAN solution space to get at the real challenges of the cloud, mobility and personalized-session services. These are the areas where the real opportunity lies, and where SD-WAN can transform the whole networking industry.” – Tom Nolle, CIMI Corporation

The Advantages of the 128T Networking Platform

When you put our platform to work for your business, you get a lot more than a router. You get a strategic ally in the fight against the weaknesses, inefficiencies, and vulnerabilities of yesterday’s networking technologies.

Tunnel Free

Tunnel technologies like IPSEC make the network complicated, fragile, expensive, and inefficient. Our platform eliminates them and instead provides:

  • Session-awareness between endpoints
  • Granular security, performance, and control
  • End-to-end session visibility


Today’s networks are out of touch with the services and applications they support. That’s why we’ve built a network that understands applications and offers:

  • Intuitive tenant, service and policy definitions, and routing with words
  • Service topologies and policies that are distributed across network boundaries


When your network no longer depends on static overlays, complex cloud interconnect ecosystems give way to seamless fabrics that are far easier to manage. We help you:

  • Align the network with the needs of distributed applications
  • Support the unique traffic patterns that come with hybrid connectivity
  • Achieve superior workload mobility

We’ve only just begun to tell you what the 128T Networking Platform can do for your business. If you’d like to learn more about how our technology works, what makes it better than today’s routers, and how we can make the implementation process a cinch, we’d love to chat.

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