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The 128T Session Smart Router is a software-based, distributed router based on 128 Technology’s innovative Session Smart Technology and Secure Vector Routing (SVR).  The Session Smart Router is a component of the 128T Networking Platform (128T) and together with the 128T Conductor, enables enterprises and service providers to build service-centric fabrics that deliver breakthroughs in simplicity, agility, security, performance and savings.

The 128T Advantage

Transformational Simplicity

Dramatically reduce complexity with the 128T Networking Platform, leveraging the innovative Secure Vector Routing architecture.  Eliminate stand-alone network functions with a routing platform that provides them natively.  Replace fragmented overlay-based, virtual networks with an end-to-end network model that extends across network boundaries and unmanaged network connectivity.

Agility and Resiliency  

Accelerate the deployment of new services and new locations with zero-touch provisioning, centralized automation, and easily integrated orchestration.  Respond to changing network conditions with a distributed, intelligent routing platform that reacts to and optimizes for specific application requirements in real time.  Gain far-tighter alignment between your applications and the network than ever before.

Zero Trust Security

Create a “deny-all” routing fabric that transforms any IP network into a distributed network fire-wall that offers adaptive encryption, per-hop authentication and global access control.  Gain fine-grained control with highly flexible, dynamic segmentation — “hypersegmentation” — that easily scales and stretches across network barriers.

Breakthrough Cost Savings

Reduce overlay overhead and middlebox outlays with a routing platform that eliminates tunneling and provides security and load-balancing natively.   Reduce your reliance on high-cost MPLS by utilizing a range of highly optimized alternative connectivity options.  Align network costs with real-world consumption using an elastic, network-wide bandwidth licensing based on peak network utilization — not over-provisioned node-based capacity.

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The 128T Networking Platform is comprised of three building blocks: the 128T Conductor, the 128T Control and the 128T Slice (Software Line Card Engine).  A combination of one or many 128T Controls and 128T Slices together form a single logical Session Smart Router supporting a wide range of deployment models scaling from a small branch office to a high capacity edge router to a hyper-scale software-defined data centers.

Centralized Management Plane: The 128T Conductor is a centralized management and policy engine that provides centralized orchestration, administration, zero-touch provisioning, monitoring and analytics for distributed 128T Routers. The 128T Conductor maintains a network-wide, multi-tenant services and policy data model which is exposed via northbound APIs and distributed to 128T Routers.

Service Centric Control Plane: The 128T Control is the centralized network and services control plane for the 128T Router. Functions include creating all IP routing tables, managing service policies, collecting analytics, and configuration management.  Through 128T Control, the IP routing information base (RIB) is combined with service policies to create a Services Information Base (SIB) which is distributed to each 128T SLICE.

Session-Aware Data PlaneThe 128T Slice software performs high-speed packet forwarding, classification, and security functions through session-state management. It operates with its own integrated control plane for complex packet handling decisions, without the need to consult a remote controller.


Centralized Orchestration and Automation

Connect applications to users consistently, with appropriate performance and security

Tunnel Free Internetworking

Simplify by replacing layered and fragmented overlay-based networks

  • 30% more efficient than today’s SD-WANs by avoiding the overlay CPU and bandwidth tax
  • Extend routing, policy, segmentation and SLA across public/private address boundaries
  • Scalable, any to any virtual networking without hub and spoke limitations

Service Centric Control

Transform your network into an engine for innovation
  • Global business and services policy based on tenants and services
  • Simplified routing administration uses words, routing with words, to create routing and security policies
  • Dynamic service discovery and routing

Zero Trust Security

Modernize network security with a deny by default architecture
  • Deny all whitelist based routing with control of session directionality
  • Fine-grained segmentation
  • Native session stateful firewall functions
  • Encryption of all data in motion

Application Aware Routing

Optimize network utilization and service delivery with session orientation

Failsafe Service Delivery

Maintain connectivity during planned and unplanned downtime
  • Active-active router clustering
  • Sub-second session aware fast-failover
  • Dynamic session steering based on network state and QoS

Software Based & Cloud Ready

Speed time to deployment with a software based router that scales from branch to data center to cloud
  • Deploy as a VM (KVM, ESXi) or bare metal on any x86 device
  • Scales from 2 core small branch CPE deployments to 80Gbps edge on COTS servers to hyper-scale datacenter
  • Cloud ready (AWS)

Software Defined Branch

Optimize branch locations with a solution that is simple to deploy and cost effective
  • Transport agnostic Ethernet/LTE/WIFI/PPPoE
  • Whitebox CPE deployments virtualized or bare metal
  • Zero-touch provisioning
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