Use Cases

128 Technology has created a fundamentally new approach to networking – one that delivers improved security, programmability, and agility across networks.  The 128T Networking Platform solves problems for enterprises, service providers and cloud companies alike, extending from the data center, across the wide area network, and to branch/edge environments.  What’s more, the platform can be deployed on any network topology, simplifying adoption and speeding time to value.  Here are a few examples of where our customers are utilizing our software-based network platform.

Next Generation Wide Area Networks

Tomorrow’s wide area networks (WANs) will need to deliver much more than just automated and optimized transport connectivity between sites. Next Generation WANs will need to empower distributed cloud-driven applications that are consumed by a changing array of users. The 128T Networking Platform goes beyond traditional Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) offerings by solving the underlying network challenges that are the real culprits of complexity and cost. 128 Technology's session-based solution offers end-to-end fine-grained segmentation, security, and access control without the overhead, cost and scaling challenges of overlays.

Data Center Interconnect

The exploding requirements for cloud services, streaming video, and nonstop “anywhere, anytime” access – all with little or no downtime – is creating a dramatic shift in where data centers are built and how they are interconnected. Existing purpose-built data center interconnect (DCI) approaches help eliminate bottlenecks, enable data and workload mobility, and maintain uptime – but include enormous complexity and cost.  The 128T Networking Platform provides dynamic and secure DCI capabilities without relying on overlays or domain stretching, while providing a scalable, flexible connectivity platform.

Data Center

Cloud companies, enterprises and service providers are rapidly modernizing their data center architectures and operations to deliver infrastructure resources as easily provisioned, highly flexible services.  In doing so, data center networks will need to accommodate new types of traffic patterns, enable dynamic workload mobility, and respond to rapidly evolving security threats.  The 128T Networking Platform distributes application intelligence, fine grained segmentation, security, load balancing and control throughout the data center, without the the unnecessary overhead of overlay techniques.

Network As A Service

In order to stay competitive, cloud and service providers need to rapidly develop and deliver new revenue-generating services to customers faster than ever. Yet, provisioning and configuring reliable and secure network access can be cumbersome, slow, and expensive for providers and customers alike.  The 128T Networking Platform provides the ability to spin up new services and establish network connectivity faster, cheaper, and with more confidence. The solution offers full network quality-of-service (QoS) control, end-to-end zero trust security and real-time visibility and analytics into how each service is performing.