Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

It All Begins With a Better Approach To Routing.

At 128 Technology, we’re changing the way networking is done.

By turning the router into software and teaching it the language of sessions, we’re evolving the network into a service-centric fabric that’s more simple, agile, and secure for both enterprises and service providers to operate. For businesses large and small, this means networks that are far better equipped to deliver the applications and services they need to win, and a better-connected enterprise all around.

Multi Cloud Fabric Icon

Cloud Fabric

The use of multiple cloud platforms is creating new opportunities for businesses to increase speed, efficiency, and growth. But it’s creating new operational challenges, too. Security is not being enforced consistently across platforms. Networks can’t provide different services based on an application’s unique needs or maintain tunnels efficiently at cloud scale. And with the high costs of data transfer into and out of the cloud, big packets come with big invoices. It’s time for networks that can handle today’s multi-cloud world.

Data Center Interconnect

Use the best network path for each application to boost performance, efficiency, and reliability.


Support multiple cloud providers with a single network architecture to avoid vendor lock-in.

Hybrid Cloud

Connect private and public cloud platforms with integrated load balancing for better elasticity.

Strategic Capabilities Icon

Network Transformation

Networks are here to help businesses move faster, respond quicker, and accomplish more. But adding new network capabilities that support these strategic objectives is often complex, costly, and time consuming. That’s because today’s networks are built on a patchwork of different boxes that follow the same hardware-centric model first deployed in the 1990s. This cuts into performance and creates extra work, cost, and risk for the business. With 128 Technology, that’s all about to change.

Managed SD-WAN

Offer virtual network services with ease through hyper-segmentation and routing with words.


Lose the tunnel overlays and achieve better performance, more flexibility, and lower costs.

Digital Transformation

Deploy new applications and services fast, while reducing the costs of legacy infrastructure.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) integrates multiple communication methods within a business to enhance user experiences.

Network Security Icon

Network Security

With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks around the world, security is a top priority these days. But the fragmented, perimeter-based protection at work within most organizations today is proving to be inadequate and the malicious attacks that have affected so many businesses keep coming. Complex access control lists, third-party firewalls, and overlay segmentation technologies are getting in the way of a sound security posture. Your network, and your business, deserve better.
Zero Trust

Step up to secure vector routing and tightly controlled access with the simplicity of sessions.

Secure Branch/Edge

Extend deny-by-default protection across network boundaries, without double encrypting.