128 Technology has created a fundamentally new approach to networking — one that addresses a broad spectrum of routing applications from the branch, across the wide area network (WAN), and between and inside private and public clouds.  Our session-based, service-centric and software-defined approach, known as Secure Vector Routing, helps enterprises and service providers build networks that are simple, secure, smart and seamless. What’s more, the platform can be deployed to either augment or replace existing network routing solutions, streamlining adoption and speeding time to value.

Here are a few examples use cases of our software-based network platform:


Enterprises and Service providers are looking to transform the way they deploy, configure and manage their wide area networks. 128 Technology’s Next Generation Wide Area Network (NG-WAN) solution goes beyond traditional Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) offerings, addressing underlying WAN challenges at the network level while providing all the benefits of traditional SD-WAN solutions. 128 Technology’s session-based solution features fine-grained segmentation, security, and agility without the overhead, cost and scaling challenges of overlays. By removing the real culprits of complexity and cost in the network, the 128 Technology NG-WAN solution helps customers transform their networks into engines for innovation.


To stay competitive, cloud and service providers need to rapidly develop and deliver new revenue-generating services faster than ever. Yet provisioning and configuring secure and reliable network access can be cumbersome, slow, and expensive. The 128 Networking Platform provides the ability to spin up new services and establish network connectivity faster, cheaper, and with more confidence. Furthermore, 128 Technology’s solution offers full network quality-of-service (QoS) control, end-to-end zero trust security, and real-time visibility and analytics into how each service is performing.


Rapid enterprise adoption of cloud services is creating increasingly complex ecosystems that are placing unprecedented demands on network architectures.  Today’s cloud interconnections are often built using expensive and static overlay technologies that don’t meet the scalability, security, and service level requirements for distributed applications, hybrid connectivity and workload mobility.  128 Technology can solve the challenges of secure cloud interconnect with a truly unique software-based routing and network services platform.


Data center interconnect (DCI) solutions have traditionally focused on optimizing bandwidth and reducing latency to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, but the exploding requirements for cloud services are creating a dramatic shift in how and why data centers are interconnected. As data centers become more distributed and more virtualized, a new set of challenges is emerging — distributed application placement, workload mobility, and new types of traffic patterns among them.  The 128T Networking Platform helps overcome these challenges with a scalable, flexible and secure connectivity platform, while avoiding the cost and complexity of purpose-built techniques that rely on overlays or domain stretching.


Cloud companies, enterprises and service providers are rapidly modernizing their data centers in order to take advantage of hyper-scale “software defined” architectures in which all elements of the infrastructure are virtualized and automated. In doing so, data center networks will need to accommodate new types of traffic patterns, enable dynamic workload mobility, and respond to rapidly evolving security threats. 128 Technology’s routing solution distributes application intelligence, fine grained segmentation, load balancing and control throughout the data center, without the unnecessary overhead or lack of visibility caused by overlay techniques.

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