Say hello to a multi-cloud fabric that can accelerate your business

A better fabric: the missing link for today’s multi-cloud environments

The lines between the private, public, community, and hybrid cloud have begun to blur. Isn’t it time for a network fabric that’s designed for the unique challenges and opportunities of today’s multi-cloud world?

Strengthen Security

Multiple cloud providers can mean inconsistencies in security that open up new vulnerabilities for your business. We help unify multi-cloud security.

Achieve Agility

Are you able to direct application traffic to the right cloud platform for performance, cost, or reliability reasons? Our routers do just that.

Reduce Costs

With the high cost of cloud data transfer, the overhead of tunnels and double encryption can add up fast. We make routing way more efficient.

Improve Performance

Poor Internet connectivity can bring cloud-based applications to a halt. That’s not the case with a router that’s always seeking out the best path.

Introducing a network fabric that can bring your whole multi-cloud world together

When you use a Session Smart™ Router to connect to multiple cloud platforms, you’ll love how seamless and scalable your environment becomes. We’re talking about a bandwidth-saving, TCO-reducing, flexibility-creating solution that provides consistent security, policy, load balancing, and segmentation across your multi-cloud world.

How can 128T Session Smart™ Routers improve your multi-cloud environment?


  • Reduced tunnel overhead
  • No double encryption costs
  • Lower cloud data transfer fees


  • Consistent policy and security for all cloud platforms
  • API-based cloud connectivity
  • Automatic fabric-wide updates


  • Global policy definition with local enforcement
  • Support for micro-service approaches
  • Cloud connectivity for thousands of branch offices


  • Elastic connectivity for multiple workloads
  • Load balancing across multiple cloud providers
  • Improved application performance and reliability


  • Real-time path monitoring and selection
  • Resilient active-active and active-passive strategies
  • Application-specific SLA support

Get ready for a true multi-cloud network that means business

When your business is ready to get the most out of its cloud providers, our routing technology is ready to help. The 128T Networking Platform creates the perfect architecture for multi-cloud strategies, offering better responsiveness, lower costs, higher scale, and faster deployment times than your average network.

Reduced data transfer costs

With the rising costs of cloud data transfer, efficiency is critical. That’s why we designed the 128T Networking Platform to eliminate the bandwidth overhead of tunnels while encrypting only the data that is not already encrypted. That means significant bandwidth savings over today’s tunnel-based routers, and better scalability, too.

Read about the Savings in Our White Paper »

Faster, agile deployment

Multi-cloud strategies give businesses the ability to quickly scale their resources for the precise needs of a given workload. The 128T Networking Platform provides load balancing across multiple cloud services to create dynamic connectivity for cloud-based workloads. This helps businesses adapt more quickly to changing conditions, while improving performance and reliability.

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