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An Experience Based Network—The Missing Link For Today’s Multicloud Environment

Multi Cloud Diagram

128 Technology Session Smart Router

How Can 128T Session Smart™ Routers Improve Your Multi-Cloud Environment?

Improve Performance

Poor Internet connectivity can bring cloud-based applications to a halt. That’s not the case with a router that’s always seeking out the best path

Strengthen Security

Multiple cloud providers can mean inconsistencies in security that open up new vulnerabilities for your business. We help unify multi-cloud security.

Reduce Costs

With the high cost of cloud data transfer, the overhead of tunnels and double encryption can add up fast. We make routing way more efficient.

Achieve Agility

Are you able to direct application traffic to the right cloud platform for performance, cost, or reliability reasons? Our routers do just that.

Introducing A Network Fabric That Can Bring Your Whole Multi-Cloud World Together

The lines between the private, public, community, and hybrid cloud have begun to blur. Isn’t it time for a network fabric that’s designed for the unique challenges and opportunities of today’s multi-cloud world? When you use a Session Smart™ Router to connect to multiple cloud platforms, you’ll love how seamless and scalable your environment becomes. We’re talking about a bandwidth-saving, TCO-reducing, flexibility-creating solution that provides consistent security, policy, load balancing, and segmentation across your multi-cloud world.
Bandwidth Savings


Ease of Use


Superior Scale


Load Balancing


Sub second failover


Want to deploy Session Smart routing in the cloud? No problem.

We’ve designed our solutions to be cloud-ready from day one. Whether you are migrating services across a hybrid-cloud infrastructure, extending your WAN to the public cloud, or building a multi-cloud fabric, our solutions can help. They not only enable you to rapidly connect WAN and cloud infrastructures at a low cost, they provide Zero Trust Security and superior agility, too.
The 128T Networking Platform can be easily installed and deployed on virtual machines from the leading public cloud providers including: