Session Smart Networking Technology

Everything has changed around the network, except the network.

As we know, cloud and virtualization are changing what the future looks like.

Static IP routing transforms to dynamic, service-based routing. Applications are distributed, elastic, and mobile. Security is infused in the network and assumes no one or nothing is trusted—ever. Networks become simpler to manage as functionality “melts” into the network itself. And to keep up with the ever-increasing demands for agility, deployment and management is automated and API-driven.

Whether you are an IT organization, service provider, or line of business, we all have cloud-defined strategies but we’re not talking about what it means at the network level.


We engineer the future of networking.

If you are basing your digital future on legacy hardware-centric virtual networks, you’re limited from the start. It’s like virtualizing an application and then dedicating it to a single physical box.


We need a new model for virtual networking. It’s got to be:

Where everything is software, distributed, elastic and mobile.

Meaning the virtual network natively understands service topologies, resources, and user intent to deliver outstanding experiences

Natively secure
Because we can no longer solely rely on outmoded perimeter security.

How do we do that? With sessions.

In the simplest form, a session is the temporary association between a user and an experience. In today’s networks, everything communicates via sessions. When you connect to a website, when you answer a phone call, when you transfer a file—data is routed via entire sessions, rather than individual packets.

Benefits of session-based networks:

  • Eliminate tunnels and the limitations imposed by them on today’s VPN-based solutions
  • Extend beyond simple VPN toplogies across network boundaries and to remote locations.
  • Enables the delivery of network functions including firewall, WAN optimization and application delivery.
  • Granular control needed to infuse zero-trust security and segmentation into the network itself.

Our mission is a smarter network.

As a software-based networking company, we can help you radically reinvent your digital future based on a new model for virtual networking we call Session Smart networking technology. It starts with virtual networks designed from users inward to the applications that generate the experiences you need to deliver.

Whether you are deploying to the cloud, modernizing the wan edge, delivering unified communications or launching an IOT initiative, our session-smart networking re-aligns your network to enable success.

User experience is driving the digital future

In the past, networking was about connecting nodes, sites, and routers to transmit packets of data. Today, networking is about connecting users with exceptional experiences.

Your customers need experiences that are consistently high quality, easy to consume, secure, reliable, and available wherever and whenever they want them. Your digital future depends on your ability to do that and do it well.

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