Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

Connect Thousands of Branches Securely and Cost-Effectively

Feature Spotlight: SD-Branch

Ethernet Over SVR:
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Make sure your new SD-Branch is Session Smart™

The 128 Technology Session Smart™ Router slashes branch office networking expense and complexity by consolidating functionality, eliminating technology sprawl, and dramatically simplifying operations. The 128T Session Smart Networking solution eliminates middlebox and VNF sprawl, converging networking, and network security functionality into a single VNF, enabling what Gartner dubs the new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). The SASE polices and manages traffic at the edge of the network, close to the end-user, for ultimate speed and efficiency.

Secure Branch Office Connectivity for Today’s Digital Businesses

The 128 Technology solution provides the network component of what Gartner calls an identity-centric Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture. The solution polices and manages traffic at the edge of the network, close to users and connected endpoints, for ultimate speed, efficiency, and economic. Session-Based Routing – 128 Technology routers are session-based and operate on sessions rather than individual packets, just like firewalls.
Centralized Policy Management


128T Session Smart networks are designed around modeling the applications that users consume. Service-centric networking is a top-down approach to configuring routing infrastructure. Rather than using interior gateway protocols (IGPs) to exchange routes and access-control lists (ACLs) to restrict access, administrators describe the services within the network and the group(s) within the network allowed to access each one.

Hybrid Networking


For SASE to be truly successful the network must be able to dynamically detect where services are located to be able to deliver valid sessions to those services. Service and Topology Exchange Protocol (STEP) enables 128 technology routers to exchange service and connection information to those services.

Secure Virtual Networks


The 128 Technology solution institutes fine-grained, identity-based access and management controls at the edge, under the direction of a central policy server.

Branch Office Networking for the Cloud-First World

128T Session Smart Networking extends the advantages of software-defined WANs all the way down to the branch office LAN, providing an adaptable, service-centric branch office network fabric that supports the arbitrary dataflows and diverse workloads of today’s cloud-centric businesses. It lays the foundation for a new generation of on-demand applications, IoT systems, and digital solutions that help enterprises improve business performance and accelerate the pace of innovation.