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SD-WAN at Massive Scale. Get Session Smart with 128 Technology

Make sure your new SD-WAN is Session Smart™

SD-WAN is changing the game for organizations that need agile WAN connectivity at a lower cost. But why go through the trouble of upgrading to SD-WAN on yesterday’s technology, when you can deploy one smart enough to understand and dynamically adapt to the applications it carries?
Session Smart™ Routing from 128 Technology makes SD-WAN smart, letting the network speak the language of applications and services, and adapt automatically to the requirements of individual sessions and user segments. You get better performance at lower cost… dumping clunky, hard-wired tunnels and middleboxes in favor of a software-based routing fabric that has Zero-Trust Security and Centralized Orchestration right out of the box, with session awareness, stateful firewall, and load balancing baked right in to the routers themselves.

An SD-WAN Solution that Checks all the Boxes

At 128 Technology, we start with a simple idea: The only reason you need a network is to support the applications and services the business needs. Our SD-WAN solution is built on our revolutionary Secure Vector Routing standard, which means you’ll get everything you were looking for from SD-WAN with the enhanced security, performance, agility, and cost savings only Session Smart™ Routing can deliver:
Centralized Policy Management


Experience a powerful, unified management platform that simplifies administration, provisioning, monitoring and analytics.

Open APIs and Analytics


Integrate seamlessly with orchestration and automation tools, while harnessing analytics and service monitoring platforms to proactively improve network-wide performance and reliability.

Hybrid Networking


Reduce connectivity costs for branch locations with transport agnostic networking and dynamic multi-path routing that supports MPLS, Internet, LTE and satellite – without sacrificing reliability.

Open APIs and Analytics


Capitalize on the ability to dynamically detect application traffic and take action to guarantee performance.

Secure Virtual Networks


Enjoy network performance and security outside of the traditional enterprise network, with routing and security policies that are established across Firewall/NAT boundaries.

Zero Touch Deployments


Bring new platforms online at lightning speed to improve operational efficiency, and reduce errors by provisioning network services without manual intervention.

Zero Trust Security Icon


Step up to Zero Trust Security with a deny by default architecture, all built into one easy-to-manage solution.

Zero Trust Security Icon


Experience better connectivity between remote locations and faster access to the cloud, with software-based, Session Smart routing.

Agility Icon


Imagine being able to manage your network more efficiently, spinning up new services on the fly and and making global configuration and policy changes faster than ever.

Cost Savings Icon


Get used to serious software savings, cheaper data transfer to the cloud, fewer redundant investments and lower operational expenses.

Get Session Smart™

There’s more to learn about the benefits of our SD-WAN solution, and we’d love to show you how we can help your organization route smarter.