Juniper announces closing of 128 Technology acquisition

Topic: SD-Wan, Webinar

Connecting Your 128T Routers

Topic: SD-Wan, Webinar

Connecting your 128T Routers or Peers, Adjacencies, and Neighborhoods, Oh My!

We’ve all heard about how amazing Secure Vector Routing is. However, Secure Vector Routing can only be used when sending traffic between 128 Technology Routers. So how do we set up the 128 Technology Routers to connect with each other?

This webinar will go over the following topics:

1. How to configure a 128 Technology Peer
2. How to configure a 128 Technology Adjacency
3. What a Neighborhood is in the 128 Technology Data Model
4. Using Neighborhoods to automatically configure your Peers, Adjacencies, and Service Routes for you
Live online Jun 12 12:00 pm United States – New York 
or after on demand 60 mins