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Most Recent Webinar | Tunnel-free SD-WANs: Tested, Certified, Delivered! with Dr. Ritesh Mukherjee, Vice President of Product Management at 128 Technology

128 Technology Session Smart™ routers have found tremendous acceptance in the marketplace. Tunnel-free SD-WANs simplify deployments as they do not face the scale challenges of traditional networking approaches. There are successful production deployments today with multiple customers having thousands of sites, each utilizing Tunnel-free SD-WANs! These were deployed in record times of less than a year. To demonstrate these capabilities 128 Technology commissioned The Tolly Group to independently evaluate the scalability, resilience, and operational features of Tunnel-free SD-WAN. In this webinar we will review the findings of these tests and discuss how Tunnel-free SD-WANs can enable businesses of all sizes and verticals.

Previous Webinar | Implications of 5G and Networking with Dr. Ritesh Mukherjee, Vice President of Product Management at 128 Technology

The wireline transport infrastructure must evolve to avoid becoming the bottleneck for 5G. The network must become pervasive, adaptive, automated, and highly optimized. Traditional atomistic networks cannot meet the needs of 5G. In this talk we discuss the requirements 5G places on the network and how session-based tunnel free networking can enable 5G.

2019 Tech Field Day | 128T Networking Platform Overview

The imminent advent of 5G, virtual reality (VR), connected cars, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart devices has moved us into the Experience Age. Consumers are now more informed and discriminating than ever before. Network deployments must mirror the adaptive and connected qualities of end users to succeed. In this webinar/panel discussion we will get perspective from network industry stalwarts on what features and functions networks must possess to create and deliver exceptional user experiences. It is time to reinvent the digital future to deliver exceptional user experiences.

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